11 EPIC ways to use Animal Oils

January 26, 2016 by EPIC Wolf Pack posted on Recipes, The Whole Animal Project

EPIC animal oils play a key part of our Whole Animal Project initiative which takes a "nose to tail" approach to honoring the entire animal. Consistent with our commitment to reducing waste and minimizing our own negative environmental impact, we are finding new ways to utilize more of the amazing animals that gave their lives to produce nourishing food. 
These high quality oils are rendered using time tested methods and filtered to remove any impurities. The final product is a highly stable and clean oil full of healthy fats. Although primarily considered a cooking oil, our new rendered animal fats are a versatile and all-purpose tool to conquer life's challenges. Due to their myriad of uses, our oils are a new household staple with limitations equal to your imagination. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use animal oils!
1. As a butter substitute in baking
Classically trained chefs across the globe use animal oils such as pork lard to create the flakiest pie crusts on the planet. Lard can easily replace butter in most baking recipes and has a substitution ratio of 1:1. Take your baking to new realms of glory.
ways to use animal oils
2. As a mustache wax
The most handsome of mountain men have liberally used rendered animal fats as long as our bearded ancestors have roamed wild and free on the frontiers of North America. This traditional beard/mustache wax is guaranteed to stylize your facial hair to old realms of time tested handsomeness.
3. As a face moisturizer
Did you know that tallow from grass fed cows is super high in omega-3 and CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acids)? And that it's rich in nutrients that plant-based oils do not possess? The list goes on and on. This incredible oil is a game changing moisturizer that keeps your skin protected and glowing with youth. If creating your own beef tallow face lotion is intimidating, check out our friends over at Fat Face Skin Care! They use our beef tallow in their products.
ways to use animal oils
4. To make candles
Resourceful pioneers used rendered beef tallow to create clean burning candles that filled dark rooms with beautiful light. EPIC beef tallow is unscented and can be combined with your favorite scented oils or dried herbs to create wonderful custom candles. Simply melt the tallow, add your essential oils, place in your favorite container, and add an organic cotton wick! Allow to cool and enjoy a special homemade candle that honors the beautiful creature that gave its life to produce nourishing food.
5. As a hand salve
If you work with your hands and suffer from cracked skin, blisters, or calluses, try using our 100% grass fed beef tallow as a salve. The nourishing moisture helps promote healing and enriches your skin with a protective layer of high quality oil. Similar to candles, try adding essential plant oils to the tallow for invigorating scents.
6. As a lip balm
EPIC's beef tallow is wonderful for chapped and dry lips. Loaded with healthy saturated fats, our 100% grass fed beef tallow is a pure alternative that will outlast and outperform mass produced lip balm brands that often contain sketchy ingredients. 
7. As a makeup remover
Animal oils gently remove mascara and other makeup while simultaneously cleaning your skin and moisturizing your face! All without the use of harsh chemicals or other petroleum derived ingredients.
8. Relieve painful mosquito bites
Try adding one of our animal oils to a nagging mosquito bite and feel the pain and discomfort abate quickly. Also try adding animal fat to your skin as a natural mosquito repellent! EPIC's rendered animal oils are a toxin free and time tested way to enjoy the outdoors without insect bites!
ways to use animal oils
9. To make soap
Animal oils are wonderful for creating silky smooth soap that you will cherish. Simply add essential oils to your favorite fat and produce a moisturizing body wash that will dominate plant based soaps.
10. To replace plant based oils
Animal based cooking oils are versatile enough to add to any of your favorite recipes. Try roasting veggies with beef tallow, cooking eggs with duck fat, or making flakey biscuits with pork lard. Our oils are limitless, just like your culinary imagination.  
11. To season a cast iron skillet
Cast iron skillets are our favorite cooking ware. They are time tested, stable, and when properly seasoned will last forever! Try using any one of our animal oils to cure your favorite cast iron... this is how your grandma would have done it!
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