Mar 31, 2017 2:52:13 PM by EPIC Wolf Pack

Inspired by the diets of postnatal wolves, EPIC continues to elevate the meat snacking category by creating unconventional (yet deeply traditional) sources of nutrient-dense ancestral eating. In addition to its distinct and delicate flavor, our new placenta bar is rich in stem cells, antibodies, and life-giving nutrients. We have sent this bar to multiple 3rd party laboratories for nutritional analysis and each time tested, the bar causes the equipment to fail! Our conclusion is that the vitamin and mineral density is so high that technology has not been able to capture its full properties. Imagine the vitality of such a nourishing organ and multiply that by 10—that’s the power of placenta. Great for post workout recovery, international travel, or a multi-day backpacking trip, EPIC’s placenta bar is a true game changer.


Fun placenta facts:

  • As mammals, humans are the only placentalia creature that opts out of consuming its own placenta.
  • In certain cultures, the placenta is considered sacred and buried alongside a baby tree to nourish and promote
  • longevity of both plant and child.
  • Placenta is derived from the Latin word “cake”.
  • The “rib-eye” cut of the placenta is at the top, right above the tree of life.
  • Our co-founder, Katie Forrest, donated her placenta for R&D.
  • All meat loaf brought into EPIC office over the past 4 months has had placenta inside it.


Due to sourcing challenges and a very limited supply chain, we were only available to produce 1,000 of these exciting new bars. As we continue to focus on growing the supply of high quality placentas, we ask for your help. If you are a healthy, genetically optimized champion who is also pregnant, we would love to make a bid on your placenta. Please email us ( to receive additional information as well as our supplier contract. In the meantime, head over to our webstore today and purchase yours while supplies last.

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Happy April Fools! While we love to have a good time, one thing we don't joke about is the power of women. Considering they can create an entire life-giving organ while fostering children, we'd say they're about as EPIC as it gets. #EPICAprilFools